Venue Details

Natural History Museum

The imposing Central Hall, where guests can enjoy evening dinners and receptions around the giant cast of a Diplodocus skeleton, is still as knockout as ever, especially once its dramatic features are lit for events. Adjacent to it is the Earth Hall where up to 200 guests can dine beneath a vast globe and surrounded by 18m-high slate walls, etched with drawings of the night sky.
As statement spaces go, the Natural History Museum’s Earth Hall won’t fail to impress even the most jaded of guests. The soaring atrium with its 18m-high slate walls, etched with the planets and depictions of the night sky, makes a dramatic backdrop. Guests can take a ride through a giant globe before exploring the earth’s turbulent past in the Power Within gallery, featuring a recreation of the 1995 Kobe earthquake and an erupting volcano. The Earth’s Treasury gallery contains an array of precious gemstones that provides a great talking point at cocktail receptions.
In contrast to the ornate Central Hall and colourful Earth Hall, the Darwin Centre is pared-back and fiercely contemporary. The Centre’s most striking feature is a centrepiece 65m-long, eight-storey concrete ‘cocoon’ suspended inside the building that holds a million-strong collection of insects and plants.

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