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RIBA Cafe & Restaurant

A far cry from the institutional gloom of some corporate dining rooms, this restaurant boasts inspiring proportions and fine interiors – no surprise, given that it’s on the first floor of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). High ceilings and full-length windows create a vaulted, airy feel and there’s a dignified murmur to the place. The menu makes for an interesting read, too, starting with the chef’s breakfast ‘slider’ menu (including miniature riffs on morning staples such as eggs Benedict or bacon-&-egg muffins), and progressing to sophisticated lunches that move from black-leg chicken tortellini, via chargrilled whole plaice dressed with anchovy vinaigrette to blood-orange tart with mandarin sorbet. The smaller café area shares its menu with the ‘wonderful’ rooftop patio – a ‘great lunch spot’ if you fancy slow-cooked duck egg on asparagus or roast pork in a floury roll with apple compote; alternatively, browse the cake counter and pick your favourite slice for a quick getaway.

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