Hotel Café Royal Christmas Showcase

Last night we had the pleasure of being invited to the Christmas Showcase at the Hotel Café Royal. Although it was still relatively warm outside (it is only September after all) we were transported straight to the height of the festive season the moment we stepped into the Pompadour room.

A beautiful Christmas tree stood pride of place as we entered and the tables were decorated in a range of Christmassy themes with beautiful crackers decorated with pretty lace snowflakes in each place. The ornate gold ceiling looked stunning in the candle light and we couldn’t help but imagine what November and December have in store for us!

The room looked so beautiful and we were treated to a range of Christmas tunes as well as some beautiful live songs from  the lovely ‘Stacey Sings’. Whilst we all stood around and enjoyed some delicious Prosecco and canapés, we were also kept amused by ‘Paul Newton’ who did some incredible magic tricks for us. As you can see, even close up, there was a significant amount of confusion!
Kara with a ‘K’ was the most wonderful waitress who made sure she bought us a little bit of everything to try. We were treated to :

  • Pumpkin soup with cheese straw
  • Duck pie with mango
  • Popcorn chicken oysters in plum sauce
  • Chorizo and onion “Wellington”
  • Smoked salmon gougere
  • Fish cakes
  • Chestnut and cream cheese sable

Personally our favourite was the pumpkin soup served in a delicate little tea cup with a crumbly cheese straw. It was a perfect little taste of winter.

We were very excited to open our goody bags at the end of the evening to find a little mince pie, which although we didn’t have much room left, was just the perfect mouthful to go with a cup of tea after a wonderful night. Thank you to the Events Team at Hotel Café Royal. I am sure we will see you all soon.