An evening with Heston Blumenthal

After a whirlwind few months over Christmas, continuous canapés and Mariah Carey ringing out of our ears we decided it was time to blog about one of the most enjoyable evenings of 2014. It was an evening with Heston Blumenthal. Rhubarb kindly invited us along to an evening at the Natural History Museum and it was more magical than we could ever have expected.

First of all we were greeted by experimental Gin and Tonic (our favourite) in very cool glasses and delicious canapés before being invited by the team at the Natural History Museum to see the wonder’s of the tanks downstairs. It was so interesting to see how all the species and specimens are kept and was a great add to the event – something we can all add to our events at the Natural History Museum.

We then sat down for dinner, and we were amazingly sat next to Heston himself. The food was amazing and Heston throughout the meal was showing us different things to do to really get the full sensual experience of dining. It was really interesting to learn about sensory animation from the man himself!

We were treated to squid carpaccio, British rose veal loin and a specimen of frog’s legs…all delicious of course.

It really was a great evening and one we will never forget, so thank you Rhubarb!