Sony Music Staff Summer Party 2018

We had the pleasure of working with Sony Music on their Staff Summer Party. While everyone else melted on the tubes we got to enjoy the sun alongside the soulful sound of George Ezra!

We helped bring the festival vibes into the beautiful Fulham Palace – let’s face it a bit of heat wasn’t going to slow down the party. The biggest concern was making sure the glitter shapes didn’t leave a tan mark.

Loads of fun in the Sun with games & activities, football came home and went straight to the lovely walled garden with amazing games for guests. Amazing prizes in the charity Tombola.  XXL Jenga and Connect four for the fun, all accompanied by the best barbecue burgers and sausages.

George Ezra was the icing on the already amazing day of a cake, a great concert while the crowd cooled down with a Pimms. Great British Summer vibes were in full force.