Venue Details

Electric Carousel

The Electric Carousel is a place where effortlessly stylish modernity goes hand in hand with good old-fashioned fun. Surfing the line between royal St James’s and decadent Soho and comprising a large stage with a 300-capacity auditorium as well as 100-capacity dress circle overlooking it with its own bar,
The Electric Carousel occupies a sweet spot in both place and size. It is a party venue without peer in the very heart of London. As you’d expect at a venue which regularly plays host to top bands, the sound system is state of the art and delivers stunning clarity in the hands of a highly experienced production and front of house team.
With total flexibility, the system can be tuned precisely to your needs so whether you need to give a speech, put on a show or a 10-piece band it has all the power and finesse needed.

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