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Mr Foggs Tavern

On the back of the hugely successful residence comes Mr Foggs tavern featuring a discreet gin parlour and saloon.

Expect exquisite cocktails as well as a plethora of gin (132 types to be specific!) The story goes that whilst traversing the globe Phileas Fogg receives the news that his much beloved aunt and celebrated actress Gertrude Fogg has passed away and made him the sole beneficiary of her estate, including her enchanting pied-à-terre on St Martin’s Lane.

Duty bound to honour his aunt’s dying wish, Mr Fogg permits her devoted life-long housekeeper, Fanny McGee, to create a ‘tavern’ downstairs, whilst keeping the upstairs salon as a much needed refuge for friends and theatrical acquaintances.

Thus a quirky pub in the heart of theatreland is born.

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